Acrylic Mounting Services Sydney

Acrylic Mounting provides a polished and contemporary alternative to traditional framing, poster frames or art frames. Some of the benefits of acrylic are that it is much lighter than glass, and it is shatter-resistant. These techniques are well suited to display a diverse range of artworks including natural scenes, photography, landscapes, and contemporary art.

Since it is less prone to breakage than glass, it is a popular choice for exhibitions, commercial and residential projects. We offer experienced staff who will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your piece of art, poster, photo or any other type of item.

Our acrylic mounting services Sydney will give your art a whole new dimension, adding depth behind the image. Your artwork will not only be damage-resistant, but it will also be UV protected, and waterproof. We will work hard to deliver a final product made to last and exceed your expectations.

Acrylic Facemounting and Acrylic Sandwich

Acrylic Facemounting involves the mounting of a high-quality print to a Perspex front and aluminum composite panel at the rear. The result is a very stylish and modern “frameless” artwork. It is a popular choice for clients who are looking for a solution that enhances the color or artworks and photos, and it gives a high-gloss finish. Because of its high definition effect, it is a very popular choice for exhibitions. In combination with a white backdrop, the acrylic face mount delivers a very clean appearance.

Acrylic Sandwich involves the artwork being mounted between two pieces of Perspex. This a contemporary style of framing, which is beautifully finished with silver tabs that also act as a hanging device for the work. This is a minimalistic trendy framing option, and it is mostly used for items that need only UV filtering, such as posters, reproducible photo prints and other items that don’t require long-term preservation.

Different Types of Acrylic

As we mentioned above, acrylic is an excellent substitute for glass because it is lightweight and shatter-resistant, and that makes it perfect even for large-scale items. We offer different types of acrylic to ensure that our mounting and framing service will completely match your needs.

You can choose between:

  • Regular Clear Acrylic which filters out more than 50% of UV radiation. It is the top choice for posters, digital photographs or art prints.
  • Non-Glare Acrylic is treated with a light surface etch which eliminates the glare that comes across the surface of the glazing.
  • UV Protective Acrylic provides an extra measure of protection by filtering more than 95% of UV radiation. This will prevent your items from fading or becoming yellow due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Depending on your needs, our staff will provide valuable advice and help you pick the option that completely suits your needs.

Custom Acrylic Mounting Services Sydney

Amarisco is one of the few Sydney framers that have the specialized equipment required to produce Acrylic Mounting. We were one of the original providers of Acrylic Mounting Services in the area and have highly experienced staff and quality processes to ensure each mount is produced to the highest standard that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

With our Acrylic Mounting services Sydney, your piece will look amazing and be well-protected. Let us show you why we have so many satisfied customers and contact us today to request a quote, or visit our shop to speak with one of our specialists in person.

Feel free to fill out our online form with all the information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.