Poster Framing Sydney

On a lookout for a professional poster framing service in Sydney? You need to look no more. Amarisco Mounting & Framing provides high-level quality frames for all your favorite posters, regardless of whether they are vintage or new. We are familiar with all the most popular framing techniques that allow for long-lasting protection and will keep your favorite poster safe well into the future. 

Do not miss an opportunity to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can talk about your poster framing needs and even suggest what we think would be the best fit for you according to your personal preferences and budget. 

In case you want to pay us a visit, we are conveniently situated in the Artarmon area on the lower North Shore in Sydney. 

Custom Frames for Your Posters

Our favorite posters can speak volumes about our interests and even tell a thing or two about our personality traits, meaning that a properly chosen frame can complement our poster and help our personality shine through. And if we hang it on the right wall with proper lighting conditions, our home will become home in the true sense of the word. With that in mind, not only do we ensure to offer a plethora of top-quality custom frames for posters but also to come up with uniquely-tailored solutions that will satisfy even the pickiest among our clients.

For instance, we will not suggest modern frames for your vintage ’73 concert poster; we know better than that. We are sure that a retro yet minimalistic frame would be a far better solution in an aesthetic sense so that you, your family, friends and other visitors can engage in one truly visually pleasing experience every time you look at your poster. If you are interested, we can help you achieve that!

Some of the most common options our poster framing Sydney team offers are acrylic poster mounting and block mounting, but we are open to suggestions. Whatever your final decision might be, you can rest assured knowing that your poster will be masterfully framed to fit perfectly into your commercial or residential space.

Acrylic Poster Mounting

What makes acrylic poster mounting today’s framing technique of choice is the fact that acrylic is a lighter option compared to glass, and a shatter-resistant one. Furthermore, it gives a modern, polished and elegant touch to your movie, concert, comic book, event or motivational posters, making them a beautiful addition to your home or your office. Last but not least, not only will your acrylic frame look amazing but it will also provide your poster both with UV resistance and moisture protection.

At Amarisco Mounting & Framing, you can choose between the following acrylic options, depending on your needs:

  • Regular clear acrylic – which filters out more than 50% of harmful UV light.
  • Non-glare acrylic – which is treated with an antiglare coating for a matte finish allowing it to minimize glare from various viewing angles.
  • UV protective acrylic – this option is ideal for everyone looking for high-level UV protection because it eliminates 95% of UV light, preventing your posters from untimely fading or becoming yellowish.


Contact us for Poster Framing Sydney

We have been providing poster framing services in Sydney for over four decades now. If you are looking for affordable yet exceptional framing solutions for your posters, we will be more than happy to assist. 

You can either pay us a visit at our Artarmon headquarters and talk to one of our poster framing Sydney professionals, give us a call at (02) 9439 3133 or send us a message via a contact form on our website!