Custom Picture Frames Sydney

If you are on the hunt for an authentic custom picture frames Sydney shop, you are at the right place. Amarisco Picture Framing has years of experience and it has provided perfect solutions for individuals, small art galleries and big corporations, as well.

Everybody who wishes to add a unique artistic touch to their space is more than welcome to come over to our custom picture frames Sydney shop and we can talk through the possible options for your artwork. Besides paintings, posters and photos, we can also frame 3D objects which are important to you and carry a lot of memories.

Give a Fresh Look to Your Space

It is a good idea to redecorate your living room from time to time and to freshen up its interior. You can get tired from the room you grew accustomed to. A few simple touch-ups can give your home a cozier atmosphere. The simplest way to add new details is to use the custom picture frames for your favourite paintings and photographs.

We offer customized solutions which include:

  • Photograph, poster and diploma frames
  • Monochromatic and coloured frames
  • Sports memorabilia framing (such as jerseys, trophies, medals, equipment)
  • Mirror frames
  • Collage photo frames
  • Vintage and ornate photo frames
  • Shadow boxes and display cases for 3D objects
  • Changing worn-out or damaged frames with new ones

You can also drastically improve the look of your offices and smarten them up. Right after switching up your home decor, you can also embellish your study or your office at work. Even just a simple change of mirror frame in the hallway can give the complete place a new dimension and look.

Professional and Affordable Custom Picture Framing Sydney

When it comes to paintings, but also to other art forms, during picture framing we can also insert a mat or a passe-partout. This is a piece of paper-based material which surrounds the painting. The mat can serve two purposes:

  • It enhances the visual appeal and the painting can stand out more thanks to the vibrant mat framing it beside the frame;
  • It separates the art from the glass thus providing additional protection of the artwork.

Our mats are acid-free, so you can rest assured that your art will be safe from any chemical damage for years to come.

In addition, our quality glass protects your artwork and memorabilia from harmful UV rays. However, if your painting or artwork is of bigger dimensions, an excellent pick is plexiglass that we are also offering. Plexiglas is considerably lighter than glass, but don’t forget that you should have special cleaners for it. Do not use regular glass cleaners. A soft cloth and water are a good choice, too.

Besides decorative features, it is also important to protect your artwork from wrinkling or bending or any other form of damage. We are taking special care of anything you bring over for custom picture framing and we are doing our utmost to preserve your paintings and memorabilia.

A low-cost way of protecting artwork from various damage, such as scratches, is laminating. We suggest laminating for less valuable artwork, such as posters, photographs and other pieces which can withstand this preservation process.

Contact Us For Your New Custom Picture Frames Sydney

Stop by at our shop in Sydney, give us a call or send us the inquiry through our website. Our framing experts are available from Monday to Friday to help you choose the best custom picture frame for your valuables. Also, you can browse our gallery of previous works for inspiration.

Save your artwork from discolouration and from the pass of time by custom framing it at Amarisco.