Canvas Stretching Sydney

At Amarisco Picture Framing we provide canvas frames and canvas stretching Sydney for new and previously stretched artworks, usually for our customers consisting mainly of artists, art galleries, photographers and interior decorators.

Whether you have purchased an Aboriginal canvas, an artwork or canvas from an overseas holiday, a restored antique poster or a canvas online, we can advise and stretch your canvas for the optimal visual impact. We quickly and cost-effectively return all canvas artworks from a roll to ready to hang.

We at Amarisco Picture Framing Sydney are the only picture framers that manufacture genuine canvas emulsion transfers and supply other picture framers throughout Sydney, New South Wales, and all over the country.


Why You Should Use Amarisco Canvas Stretching Sydney?

The purpose of stretching canvas is to preserve it and prepare it for framing. We can stretch both painted and unpainted canvases, depending on your needs. The crossbars our specialists use will prevent your canvas from developing an hourglass shape.

Nowadays we usually use the pneumatic stapler and staple your canvas on the edge, or on the back. In case you have an expensive piece of art, or you have specific requirements, we will use only copper tacks that don’t rust, to ensure that your canvas will remain safe from corrosion. Keep in mind that usage of copper tanks requires two people to do this properly, so the entire process may last longer and that also increases the cost.

This is a process of stretching around wooden stretcher bars for framing or hanging. We offer different sizes of stretcher bars, to be able to provide different effects. For example, a deeper bar can achieve a contemporary art gallery wrap look without a frame. All of our stretchers are custom made to your specific requirements. If you are looking for a traditional canvas photo transferred to canvas or trying to match an existing artwork we have the expertise, equipment, and skills to produce canvas emulsion transfers. You can also count on us to re-stretch your existing canvases that become loose over time. 


Once Your Canvas is Stretched You can Choose Different Frames

We also offer different types of frames for your stretched canvas. The first option is the float frame, which is actually an “L” shaped profile, that does not have to lip to cover the edge of the canvas. That will make your canvas look like floating within the frame. 

The second option is the standard wooden frame, and in case this is your choice, you can rest assured that we will seal the inner surface of the frame where it comes in contact with canvas to prevent acid from seeping into it. The third option is to use a wooden frame but with a fabric-covered liner between the frame and the canvas. The liner acts like a mat does in a regular matted frame job, and it creates a visual separation between the frame and your artwork.

No matter which option you pick, rest assured that our framing specialist will treat your canvas with care and make sure that the frame perfectly fits, enhancing its beauty at the same time. 


Contact Us Today To Learn More About Any of Our Speciality Services

In case you need more information regarding the canvas stretching Sydney, or framing and mounting services we provide, you can request a quote via our online form, or you can give us a call at (02) 9439 3133.

You are always welcome to visit our shop conveniently located in the Artamon during our working hours. We can’t wait to take care of your valuable canvas!