Gator Board Mounting Sydney

Do you have photos or artworks that are waiting for the ideal moment to be hung on the wall? We all do, but sometimes all those different frames make us overwhelmed, so we postpone framing and hanging them.

Since we are aware that many people lean towards minimalism nowadays, we included gator board mounting in our services. With it, you will have a frameless photo that will be resistant and durable.

What is Gator Board Mounting?

This is the process of fixing your printed photo or any other artwork onto the gatorboard using proper adhesives. We do it with a large heat sealer that sets the back of your photo to the board. After that, your photos will be protected from warping or folding on the sides. You can bring us any size of the photo, and that is one of the benefits of mounting. There is no need to seek a suitable frame if your piece of art is small.

There are so many different techniques for gator board mounting. For example, dry or wet mounting, adhesive mounting, conservation mounting and we will choose the right one according to the quality, age, size and many other factors. When you bring us your art, our experienced team will know exactly what technique is the best.

Gator Board is similar to mounting on classic foam board but as an end result, you get a bit more quality. Why is that? Classic foam boars are composed of thin layers of pressed paper while gator boards contain a thin layer of pressed wood combined with the dense polystyrene foam core. Therefore, they are more durable and damage-resistant.

What are the Benefits?

Choosing a gatorboard mounting can have a lot of benefits, and one of them is speed. It can be done quickly without jeopardising the quality. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. That makes it a suitable option for restaurants, street campaigns or yard decoration.

In addition, it is much stronger than any other board mounting so it won’t bend. Keep in mind that although it is considerably stronger it still has the same lightweight as regular foam board. So, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

Another benefit is related to our high-quality adhesives. It’s in our best interest to provide you with durable mounting, therefore we use the best materials such as glue that is not heavy on chemicals. That way we can be certain that the value of your photo is not compromised and that it won’t come to discolouration over time.

One of the great things about this type of mounting is that you can change it more often since it is a cost-effective solution. If you are somebody that gets easily tired of the same things and you are in a constant need for a change, you will enjoy this quick and easy method. You can switch designs whenever you want. Thanks to its durability you can store them in the basement, for example, since they are resistant to moisture.

Why Should You Choose Gator Board Mounting Sydney?

Although it has a layer of pressed wood inside it’s still one of the least expensive ways to ensure the durability of your art. They are also very easy to hang since they come with a hanging wire at the end. That makes it the perfect choice for every household, photo gallery or even business fair.

If you need something durable, that is not prone to breakage like glass, that is resistant to water and lightweight than the best solution for you is gator board mounting Sydney.

Contact Amarisco gator board mounting Sydney team today and let us help you display your artwork.