Perspex Frames Sydney

Are you looking for longstanding frames that can get minimally damaged with time? Amarisco provides perspex frames in Sydney and you can rest assured that your photos and artwork will be preserved.

Perspex is premium branded acrylic which can withstand more stress and it is lightweight compared to standard glass. You can easily and quickly change your photos with these acrylic frames.

Perspex frames are also a great option for office display boards and they can also be used for awards. Besides wall mounting perspex frames, there are also freestanding ones which can add a touch of personality to every room.

Perspex Frames Advantages

When it comes to perspex frames, they have a number of characteristics that make them much more durable and with stronger conservation powers than typical glass.

Some of the main advantages of perspex frames are:

  • High resistance to abrasion, shock and flex (considerably stronger than glass)
  • UV rays resistant
  • Lightweight compared to regular glass
  • 100% recyclable material

Perspex is very clear, thus the colour rendition of artworks is excellent. Besides that, it offers a blockage of 99% of UV light. You can be assured that the natural colour of your painting, poster or photo will be protected and will not fade after some time.

Cleaning of Perspex Frames

Keep in mind that perspex frames cannot be cleaned as typical glass. Glass cleaners are abrasive to acrylic and can irreparably damage it. In order to avoid such unpleasantness, we recommend to our clients to use specialized cleaning products for perspex. However, maybe the best possible method for cleaning such frames is with a solution of lukewarm water with just a bit of washing-up liquid. Make sure to use a soft cloth, preferably lint-free, and carefully wipe.

After you have removed all dirt, rinse the frame with a bit of cold water and finish the job by wiping once again with a dry cloth. This last step will prevent any unwanted water spots. Also, make sure you are not using a squeegee or any other sharp cleaning instruments. You may unintentionally scratch the perspex frame.

However, if your frame suffered from scratches there are certain products which can help you to minimize that type of damage. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully before applying any product to the frames’ surface.

Reframing of Valuable Memorabilia or Paintings

We also do the reframing of your valuable paintings, collectibles and other significant mementos. We can take the old worn-out or damaged frames and change them for brand new perspex ones.

Our Sydney framers are always available to give advice to our customers on which is the best framing option for their particular object. We always take into account the customers’ budget and the interior where the newly framed picture, photo or poster will be hanging.

Feel free to bring your art piece over to our perspex frames Sydney shop and we can immediately assess its condition and give you a quote for a new frame. You will also be able to check out some of the frames we offer, and we can discuss the colour and material.

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From the moment you step into our perspex frames Sydney shop, you will receive a premium service at Amarisco. Our friendly employees will guide you through the process of selecting the right frame and they will give you advice considering space where the artwork will be placed.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and once you have an idea about the frame you would like for your piece, give us a call or reach us through our contact form.

Allow us to give your photo, painting or poster a frame that they deserve.