Frameless Mounting Sydney

There is one visible thing all masterpieces have in common — frames. It’s the border that surrounds the space of creativity, uniqueness and mindset. Nowadays, people tend to avoid frames and lean towards frameless art. Frameless pictures can also be unique but keep in mind that they require framing, too. We are talking about acrylic mounting and canvas stretching that will come as a finishing layer in order to protect them and make them more durable.

At Amarisco frameless mounting Sydney we can provide you with the best framing services, so you can be sure your pictures and artworks will remain the same as the first day. Unlike glass, acrylic is lightweight. So, if you have plasterboard walls that cannot stand the weight, they are a much better choice.

Advantages of Frameless Mounting

Acrylic is much less prone to breakage than glass and that makes it the perfect choice for exhibitions, homes with kids or pets and public spaces. When you use high-quality services like ours, you will not only get artwork that is resistant to damage. You will also have UV protection and a waterproof topcoat. The Amarisco team will do their best to reach your highest expectations.

Aside from protection, you will receive high-glossy finish no matter whether you bring us an old photo or an oil painting. Our frameless mounting Sydney will revive your artwork and enhance the colours, making it even more beautiful. Keep in mind that when it comes to maintenance, you cannot use the same things as you would on regular, glass frames. These ones are a bit more sensitive to chemicals and they require gentler products.

The advantage of acrylic frameless mounting is that you can clean it with cold water, a little bit of liquid soap and a gentle cloth. You will only have to worry about scratching, therefore be sure to use the softest fabric.

Different Types of Framing

Like any other, acrylic framing also has different types and we offer all of them so we can be sure you received the best service. Depending on your needs, you can choose between three types:

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Non-Reflective Acrylic
  • UV Protective Acrylic

First one filters out more than 50% of UV rays. Pictures will not fade during the time and they will remain the same quality as the first day. The second one has a mattifying topcoat that reduces reflections and glare and diffuses the light rather than reflects it. The third filters out 95% of UV rays. It will protect your art from turning yellow even though it is exposed to sunlight.

Canvas Stretching

If you want frameless artwork you can also choose canvas stretching. The main purpose of stretching is to prepare the canvas for framing, but you can leave it frameless and it will still be secured from damages.

It is a quick and cost-effective service we provide to make sure you have all the options at your disposal. Using the pneumatic stapler to staple your canvas on the edges or back we can stretch every type of canvases, depending on your needs.

If your artwork is pricey, you won’t have to worry. We have copper tacks that won’t rust over time. Within the years we developed a system that provides you with the maximum results and requires minimal investments.

Visit Us Today and Find Out More About Our Frameless Mounting Sydney

Whether you have a new picture or an old one that is already framed, you can entrust it to us and we will do our best to give it back to you refreshed and good as new. We are an experienced team that provides high-quality services since 1976, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will gladly greet you during our working hours, discuss your concerns and find the best frameless mounting solution for your artwork.