Memorabilia Framing Sydney

At Amarisco Picture Framing Sydney, we are master framers with a passion for our craft. Working across a wide range of framing formats, we have been preserving and protecting artwork and memorabilia for over forty years. 

In this time we have come to appreciate the importance of memorabilia and particularly memorabilia framing Sydney’s athletes as well as sports fans. Some memories were simply meant to be preserved and our service is here to help you do just that.

Our services can display your favorite sports memorabilia objects and protect it placing the item in any kind of frame you want. We have vast experience in framing football jerseys, materials, silks, cricket bats as well as a wide variety of unique objects, including guitars, dueling swords, and puppets.


Wide Range of Memorabilia Framing Sydney

Our products are made with care and with high-quality materials, so you can be sure that your valuable items will be preserved for many years to come. Our experienced framers will help you pick the framing option that fits your memorabilia best. 

We have framed different types of items, so no matter what you bring, you can be sure we can handle it. In order to satisfy even the most demanding clients, our memorabilia framing Sydney includes:

  • Sports Memorabilia Framing (Jersey Framing and Trophies Framing)
  • Artwork and Sculpture Framing
  • Pinboards
  • Repairs and Renovations For Existing Memorabilia
  • Collage Photo Frames

We can also supply engraved plaques and add photos to the frame to complement and complete your memories. As with all of our services, at Amarisco, we love a good challenge – if you need something different to be framed and displayed, we can work with you to find a perfect solution.

Acrylic Display Cases and Shadow Boxes For Three-Dimensional Items 

For three-dimensional items like footballs, tennis rackets, baseballs, hockey pucks, and trophies, there are no better framing options than our customizable shadow boxes and acrylic cases. We offer premium materials, so your case can be UV resistant and keep the signature on your item from fading.

The ultimate way to show off your small collectibles is in one of the custom-tailored display cases that we make. They can be divided into sections, in case you have multiple small items, or they can be open space with a door that protects your content. The door can be magnetic, or with a lock, so even if you have to move your item, you can be sure it will be perfectly safe in a shadow box or acrylic display case we have created for you.

The frames of the shadow boxes come in various colors, from basic black and white to more intensive colors. The interior of the box includes quality fabric which will enhance the beauty of your precious sports memorabilia. Even if you want to give a fresh, modern look to your old memorabilia, our master framers will give their best to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations. 


Let Us Make Your Memorabilia Even More Special

If you want to keep your memories intact for the generations to come, Amarisco offers state-of-the-art memorabilia framing services that set an industry standard. Even the delicate items will be perfectly safe and protected no matter which framing option you choose.

You can fill out the online form and provide the details regarding the item you want to frame, and we will get back to you with all the information you need within minutes. Feel free to visit our store where you can talk with our dedicated staff, and together find the best possible solution for your valuable sports memorabilia.