Antique Art Framing Sydney

Amarisco Mounting & Framing is an Artarmon-based Sydney framing services provider that takes great pride in collaborating with art enthusiasts and artists themselves for over 40 years now. 

During that time, we have gained considerable experience and adopted numerous framing and mounting techniques when it comes to various forms of antique art such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other handmade items. 

When approaching our work, we make no difference between independent artist works and expensive fine art paintings – you can rest assured knowing we treat each and every one of them with the utmost care, and your beloved artwork will be no exception for that matter!

Antique Painting Framing

There is no denying that antique paintings are rather delicate and have numerous requirements in terms of preservation. A carefully selected protection usually comes in the form of a right frame, the one that will keep them safe from various outside influences while subtly accentuating all their artistic qualities. 

At Amarisco Mounting & Framing, we want to meet and exceed all those requirements. If you opt for our antique painting framing services, you will get to choose only from the best frames available, made from the finest quality materials that will make a beautiful natural extension to your cherished painting. 

When it comes to antique paintings, we know it is paramount they get museum-quality conservation treatment so we make sure we use 100% acid-free mats, as well as acrylic or glass that provides 95-99% protection from harmful UV light and has shown exceptional results in terms of conservation properties. 

Speaking of museums, archival framing and conservation framing are also some of our specialties. For those purposes, we are making the frames that will protect and beautifully display fine art paintings but will not distract an observer. Achieving this kind of balance is a bit of art itself, and also a signature of our skilled craftsmen. Finally, we know a thing or a two about different conservation techniques and we can advise our clients on effective ways to ensure their artwork gets long-term protection it deserves. 

Antique Art Block Mounting

We suggest antique art block mounting techniques mainly for vintage photographs, sculptures and other handmade items that are less demanding in terms of preservation compared to antique paintings. This framing technique allows us to mount your desired piece of art onto a board made of different materials, including aluminum panels, gatorboard or foamboards depending on various requirements you might have, such as your budget, convenience and the level of conservation needed so that your favorite piece of art can withstand inevitable passage of time as well as other outside influences like exposure to sunlight, air, moisture, etc.

Antique art block mounting is also a great way to preserve and showcase your piece of art in a modern yet sophisticated way that will only emphasize its intrinsic qualities. In addition to being cost-efficient, this framing option also adds a certain level of depth to your favorite item, bringing something entirely new about it to the surface. And the best thing about it is that we can start mounting your antique art even today!

Contact Us if You Need Antique Art Framing Sydney

Should you be in need of an antique art framing, do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately. Services of our antique art framing Sydney team are available to the entire Sydney area and will gladly provide you with visually striking yet long-term protection for your beloved artwork. 

You can schedule a meeting with one of our antique art framing Sydney professionals for a chance to find out more about all available antique art framing techniques we use, as well as quotes and everything else that might be of interest to you. 

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