Your Frame Shop on Business Art

The modern work space has changed profoundly over the course of recent years. The value of good staff has become the Rosetta Stone for success, but offering competitive wages are only one part of attracting such pivotal staff members. Your workplace must appeal to these young guns as well, and art has become an important aspect of that.

Proper picture framing and provocative art work has become de rigeur in many corporate offices today. When one of these sought-after employees pays the office a visit, a strong visual aspect can help to encourage them to sign on and join in the fun, as it speaks to the beauty to the office and the attention to detail of the fitout. But aesthetics and appeal aren’t the only reason.

A study at Exeter University has shown that provocative surroundings, including strong corporate art, can make a noted difference in the productivity of a given worker – up to twenty percent, in some cases. This means that across the board, a well-decorated office can encourage your employees to give their all, day to day.

Artwork on the walls encourages not only productivity – it can extend itself in to encouraging other areas, especially those involving creativity. It can bring people out of their shells somewhat, and encourage them to voice their opinions. It can also reduce stress – a huge issue is some sectors, such as law.

As your frame shop and picture framing experts for Sydney, Amarisco can help you to transform your artwork in to a thought-provoking and inspiring decoration for the office. Contact us today to find out more.

Picture Framing for Sydney and the Floating Frame

Because picture framers in Sydney are surrounded by creative clients, there is always new ground being broken in the exhibition and presentation of art, photography, and sports memorabilia. Our clients here at Amarisco Picture Framing are often searching for the next great method of displaying their coveted art, and contrary to popular beliefs, picture framing in Sydney is still evolving.

One of the most exciting new methods of framing has recently been developed, primarily for use by stretched canvas, but with potential for use across the field. Sunken, or floating frames, have found a home in many fields, and their novel look has been making waves across the industry.

This framing style incorporates an edgeless piece, mounted on a black background, set in a coverless frame, with a gap between the edge of the canvas and the sides of the frame. It projects a standalone quality to the canvas, letting it be viewed more clearly and distinctly from the black background of the frame, rather than the often-pale walls on which it would normally be mounted.

Floating framing draws the eye towards the depth of the image in question. It allows it to stand out more vividly and clearly, right to the very edge and beyond, without sacrificing the safety of a piece by making it purely frame-free. Picture framers in Sydney often look to this method for pieces with a vertical aspect they want to emphasise.

Quite simply, it provides a new method of making a piece stand out from the wall. For more information on how this style of framing can change the way that you display your art, contact your friends at Amarisco Picture Framing in Sydney for a chat.