Your Frame Shop on Corner Frames

The impact of our increasingly urbanised populations here in Australia has been notable. It goes well beyond crafting smaller bathroom and kitchen configurations, and has even extended itself in to the area of home décor. The art world, of course, obliges us with some unique solutions, and picture framing is just one example of this ingenuity.

Corner frames are gaining in popularity among frame shops in Sydney, and for good reason. Their angled orientation allows one to fit artworks in to corners and edges, making use of spots that might not be as functional as hanging spots for your typical flat frame. By expanding the available spaces for hanging art work, these frames have suddenly opened up a wealth of possibilities for the presentation and display of art work.

This style of picture framing utilises either a convex or a concave arrangement, depending on the angle that they are occupying, with two adjoining glass covers. The trick is to choose the right form of art work: certain pieces, especially those that must be viewed from afar, can run in to problems with perspective, and lighting.

By controlling the lighting available to the art work, you can help it to present itself evenly. However, it is better to select art work that either runs in two phases, or doesn’t need to be viewed as a holistic entity, to be appreciated fully when oriented on an edge or corner.

Frame shops in Sydney, such as your friends at Amarisco, can help you to find a framing arrangement that suits almost any artwork, any home, and any presentation style. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today.