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Sports memorabilia can really add to the glamor and sophistication of your interior decor. And it’s not just the decor in man caves, your living room can also benefit from some sports therapy.

Our country is one of the most sport-obsessed nations in the world with every true blue Aussie a diehard fan of one sport or the other. Whether it is rugby, motor racing or football there are plenty of ways to incorporate the signed jersey and helmet into your interior decorating ideas without disgusting your wife or girlfriend.

That by no means is to conclude that all sports lovers are male but when it comes to interior decoration women have many more non-sporty ideas than to have a cricket-themed bedroom.

We are passionate about our teams and having a bit of that on display in our interiors will definitely add that special personal touch to our homes, so read on to get some great ‘sporty’ ideas and themes.

Where to Display Your Collection?

Loyalty to teams and jerseys is something that any man would love to showcase in his house. And sports mementoes provide a perfect blend of color and magnetism to chic and contemporary decors.

If your man has an enviable collection that he has built up with love and care over the years there is a strong possibility he will insist on putting up every single piece on the walls of your new home. So how do you go about achieving a happy balance between your dream home and the requirements of your partner?

• Consolidate and Curate

Rather than having framed jerseys, rugby balls and helmets, autographed photos, banners and other memorabilia scattered all round your home, group them in attractive displays in one or two places. Consolidate them appropriately and arrange in an appropriate manner, team-wise or sport-wise, to give each item maximum visual weight and impact.

• Choose Appropriate Rooms for Display

You can choose to display them in the game room, study or living room. Sport-themed decor is especially popular for kid spaces like bedrooms and playrooms.

But, in kids rooms you need to be careful that you do not display any valuable piece or breakable frames and picture glasses. You can hang the jersey of your child’s favorite player, carefully framed with protective acrylic glass which reduces chances of splintering in case it falls off the wall.

Sport-themed wall murals and decals are really hot and trendy in the world of interior designing right now, so do check them out. Wall murals are expensive and should be a long-term investment, so choose color schemes and themes keeping in mind your growing child’s needs. Wall murals look great in adult rooms as well.

• Man Cave Provides the Best Home to the Collection

The concept of man caves is also popular where your man can have a private space of his own where he can show case all his pet projects, toys and gadgets. It’s also a place where he will enjoy spending time with his buddies or throw a party.

A flat screen TV to catch up on all of the latest sporting action and a double-door refrigerator to load up on preferred cold drinks will make it the ultimate haven. Do up the interiors with his sports memorabilia to get a designer-worthy man cave.

If you are space-starved you can consider converting your basement or attic into a sport-themed room. Guest bedrooms can also showcase your love and passion for the sport.

• Quirky Options

If you are in the early stages of doing up your home you can make a few tweaks to your decor plans and find creative places to incorporate the sports memorabilia. Designers speak about converting fishing poles and golf clubs into curtain rods, and other quirky ideas like using tennis balls as curtain rod finials. You can also choose to inlay a glass-topped coffee table with your collection of signed golf balls.

How to House Them Right

If you tack the game shirts to the walls and simply pop the bats and trophies on to shelf racks they will not enhance or contribute to your interiors. For sports memorabilia to look fab as decor items you need to house them properly and display them well.

• Frame Them for Best Results

Autographed jerseys and game shirts are valuable items and need to be displayed safely and appropriately. We offer superior jersey framing services that not only use conservation quality materials and protect your jersey from mold and mildew, dust, dirt and discoloration, but also employ fully reversible techniques. So if any time you feel like taking your jersey out of the frame you can easily do so without any damage to it.

Jerseys are quite big and might take up a big chunk on your wall when framed. But we can work a way out of that as well. We can custom mount the jersey to a board of suitable size so that only the part you want to be visible is seen and the frame will take up lesser space on your wall.

Jerseys are framed in shadow boxes which ensure the fabric does not touch the glass and are protected from any damage due to condensation.

• Glass Display Shelves Add Sophistication

Other valuable memorabilia like game-used or autographed helmets and bats need to be stored in glass display cases like the ones used in stores for high-end jewelry. Floating shelves also prove to be good display options.

Ensure that the display options do not harm or affect the memorabilia adversely in any manner. Keep the items away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Properly framed and displayed sports memorabilia can last beautifully for a lifetime or two.


Sport memorabilia add unique charm and endow your home with a distinct personality. When beautifully framed and aptly displayed they are no less than lovely art pieces. So go ahead and make your home rock the sport chic look!