Lane Cove Framing

With framing tradition spanning over four decades, we are one of the biggest service providers for locals in Lane Cove, Sydney. 

What constantly keeps us going forward is the desire to offer the first-rate level of service to all our customers, using vast knowledge and premium materials. That is why we make sure to carefully listen to every client’s desire and fulfill all their requirements regarding the type of item they want to frame while ensuring to suggest only the options that are most suitable for a given artwork, budget, and personal preferences. 

If you want to receive the premium Lane Cove framing service from a trusted company, Amarisco Mounting & Framing will be there to fulfill all your needs.

Picture Framing Lane Cove

We offer a wide range of picture frames including canvas stretching, acrylic frames, custom frames, wooden frames, gilding, etc. Our continuous collaboration with various artists, art enthusiasts, and gallery owners, allowed us to gain considerable experience in archival framing, conservative framing, modern art framing as well as the antique art framing, which puts us on the map as one of the best Lane Cove framing providers. In addition to that, we only use proven 100% acid-free materials that will offer long-term protection and great finishing touch to your pictures and other artwork.

At Amarisco Framing & Mounting, we also cater to both residential and corporate needs. We have vast experience when it comes to providing services to independent artists, corporations, small businesses, exhibition organizers, sports fans and other customers who want a new frame for their favorite picture. It is precisely this variety in clientele that allows us to study various needs and preferences and simultaneously perfect our own art and craft when it comes to framing. We wholeheartedly believe there is a frame to match any picture, making a noticeable difference and enhancing your personal space or commercial property in return.

Block Mounting and Memorabilia Lane Cove Framing

If you are looking for reliable block mounting and memorabilia framing service in Lane Cove, you need to look no further. At Amarisco, we offer block mounting that will satisfy all our customers in search of polished and minimalistic framing solutions for their posters, prints, and other favorite items. What makes block mounting an extremely popular framing option nowadays is that it represents a cost-effective alternative to traditional framing. There are also different mounting options, depending on your personal taste and budget – we can mount your piece of art onto different substrates, including foamboards, gator boards, and alu-panels.

Memorabilia framing, on the other hand, is a great way to keep your favorite objects such as sports trophies, jerseys, props, diplomas or autographs safely tucked in high-quality frames that will keep them protected from the ravages of time. The framed memorabilia can also make a fine addition to your living or business space, giving it a unique touch of your personality. 

Once our work is done and you finally put your beloved items on display, you will realize you made the right decision – your posters, prints, and memorabilia will only enhance your space and attract amazed gazes of your friends and visitors!

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