St Leonards Framing Services

Our passion is creating unique, beautiful frames for different items for over 27 years. We offer custom-tailored solutions to every client, and our professionalism and enthusiasm are some of the reasons why our customers keep returning.

We know that every item you bring to us tells a story no matter if that is a family photo, a university degree, a children’s portrait or painting of your favorite artist. We will carefully listen to you, understand your vision, and help you choose the right framing option.

Our team of custom framing experts can handle projects of any size promptly, and at affordable rates. Your pieces will stay protected for many years, no matter which type of frame you choose. We will explain to you the entire framing process thoroughly, and even organize pickup and delivery for large scale items, so don’t hesitate to contact our St Leonards framing services.

Sports Memorabilia and Jersey Framing

All collectibles of your favorite team including tickets, autographs, newspaper articles or any other item can be framed separately or combined into a unique collage. Threedimensional objects like hats, medals, hockey pucks, balls, and trophies will look amazing in the shadow boxes or acrylic cases that we provide.

One of the most popular memorabilia among sports fans is certainly the jerseys. We will carefully hand-sew your jersey onto the background of your choice and create a frame that you like and that will keep it safe for many years.

The shadow boxes and jersey frames don’t have just visually appealing effect. They will also protect your memorabilia from UV rays and sunlight that can cause fading. Feel free to bring your sports collectibles and signed jerseys and we will take care of it and help you pick the best framing method.

Acrylic Mounting

There are many reasons why acrylic became so popular substitute for glass. It is lightweight and shatter-resistant, and it can also protect your photos and other artwork from UV rays and glare. Acrylic mounting that we offer is suitable for small items you want to use in your home or office, as well as for large-scale items meant for galleries and exhibitions.

Glass picture frames are good for some projects, but glass isn’t truly clear, and it can affect the picture quality. We offer different types of acrylic, so you can choose between standard, UV-filtered, UV-Non-GLare and Non-Glare ones.

Our dedicated staff will be there to explain to you the difference between these variations of acrylic and help you choose the one that is the most suitable for your item. Once the job is done, we will provide the information regarding the maintenance and cleaning of your acrylic framed pieces.

Canvas Frames and Canvas Stretching

We can stretch both – painted and unpainted canvases, to preserve it and prepare it for framing. Whether you are an artist who has just finished the painting, or you bought an oil painting, our canvas framing is the thing you need.

You can pick some of the standard frames that come in many colors and styles, or you can also count on canvas floater frames (sometimes called L-frames) that will make your painting look like floating in the frame. These frames are also suitable for gallery-wrap canvases.

Send a Quote for St Leonards Framing Service

Our team of experienced framers will help you make the final decision based on your ideas and the type of your painting. In case you have additional questions don’t hesitate to send us an email to or you can fill the online form on our website. If you decide to visit our St Leonards framing services, you can schedule an appointment via phone, by calling (02) 9439 3133, or simply come to our shop during the working hours.